What is meditation?

Meditation is a balance technique that consists in bringing the mind to the present moment. The goal of the practice is to increase our capacity for conscious attention through breathing. Nowadays, many people have tried meditation, and by not having immediate results, desists really early because they do not get the benefits this technique promises. Normally, people do not achieve the level of concentration required to decrease the load and rhythm of thoughts that overrun our minds by the simple intention of focusing on our breathing.

  • Fundación Medita México use the technology developed by Master Charles Cannon of Synchronicity Foundation. This sonic technology, facilitates all individuals, regardless their preparation level, to enjoy a meditation experience in an easy and effective way.
  • This technology is based on sub-sonic frequencies, that is, those that are below our hearing capacity, and with a correct design, it can favor the balance between the mind and emotions.
  • We invite you to meditate, get to know all the capacities of your mind when it is calm, to experience states of greater fullness and joy.

La meditación es conectarnos con el universo, ser amorosos y compasivos.

Te invitamos a ser parte de este movimiento, tu apoyo es muy importante para nosotros.